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Counseling Philosophy

Shelley’s Counseling Philosophy

Mind and Body Meet and the Spirit Flows

Shelley believes that a large part of healing is having someone to listen to what we are going through, when we may not have been able to talk about issues before. Sometimes even when we do talk however, answers are not always available. Shelley uses her expertise to guide you through the process of finding answers. Shelley believes that education is very important to healing and that her role as your counselor is to actively relate knowledge about what steps you can specifically take to find improvement. This type of therapy is known as cognitive-behavioral therapy and it is often becoming the therapy of choice because the results have been shown to be so effective. Shelley can also describe how family interactions effect our daily functioning and provide tools for changing our own behaviors. She also looks at how psychophysiological patterns have been established to cope with stress and depression. Effective techniques can be provided for establishing healthier mind and body interactions through the use of such techniques as relaxation therapy, guided imagery and hypnosis.